***By placing an order you are agreeing to 100% abide by our policies. All policies must be followed otherwise we reserve the right to refuse service and/or cancel orders at any time.


All pre orders and items have a cancellation fee listed. Please see the item for specific percent of the cancellation fee. If percent is not listed it is then 20%. Otherwise it can range from 15% to 40%. If you order a pre order please be positive and willing to wait for item to release. You cannot request an order cancellation within one week of official release. There will always be a cancellation fee if you request to cancel the order except for only one scenario (outlined below). See below for details.

Pre Orders are in general guaranteed. There are ONLY a few exceptions in which a pre order would not be and we would have to issue store credit (in which that then becomes on the brand and is not subject to a cancellation fee due to not your request). Also please keep in mind releases change in style and time so please refer to the item description for further details. For example placeholder pics are often used before we have official pics. Style codes may or may not be listed as well and from time to time change or we have the wrong style code for the actual release. That will not impact the intended release for which the item is listed.

One, is if the release is completely cancelled with no foreseeable planned release of any kind. This does not mean if a release is delayed or keeps getting pushed back by the brand. That is NOT considered the release being cancelled and would still be subject to a cancellation fee. We are not subject to a brand pushing back a release date; thus if cancellation requested will be subject to fee.

Laced CT  will not issue cash refunds on pre orders (with one exception).

A pre order must be 10 months or more past the date you placed the order and from that 10 months on have no foreseeable release time/date (confirmed on our end) and on our end appear to be indefinitely cancelled to be able to cancel the order without cancellation fee. If this is the case, full store credit can be sent for the order at that time. There is only one exception where a refund can be given instead of store credit. If you wish to no longer place any future orders on the site, we will issue a refund instead of the store credit option. But that is the only exception and that means you or anyone in your household will no longer be able to place any future orders.

Again, store credit is now the only option in cases of cancelling a pre order without the listed cancellation fee no matter the reason. That is unless the refund option is selected without future order ability.

A pre order is also not guaranteed is if say a brand completely changes the release method in which the item sadly becomes unobtainable (such as the brand taking control of the release of making it exclusive to them). We work with stores and suppliers and say if the brand (i.e. Jordan, Adidas) changes the release which makes it impossible to get, it obviously no longer guaranteed and you may end up getting a full refund. Example, if we offered a pre order for the Nike Yeezy 2 Red Octobers a few years ago (we did not but just an example), this would have been a scenario where the pre order would have had to be cancelled since Nike ended up only releasing them on and cancelled all stores releases of the shoe. If we ever have any word of something like this being possible, we will not post the item for pre order. This scenario is rare, but is possible and please be aware if this happens since we do not have control over how the brand chooses to release, you may end up subject to getting a full refund and order cancelled.

Finally, if the brand changes the quantities shipped to our stores (which is also very rare but could happen) where our allocation is no longer there to receive that could result in an order cancellation and full refund. We try our best to make sure this never happens, but is possible due to decisions made by the brand, and out of our control.

This may also pertain to Bulk pre orders which we offer to many of our large customers. Based off allocation changes, the sizes we ship could change slightly. We do not try to ever change to sizes that may have been purchased for less or drastically different market value (example a Jordan 1 size 8 and a size 11 is shipped in its place; this would NOT occur). Thus if changed they will be similar market value sizes. But know bulk pre orders could be shipped in slightly different quantity of each sizes based off allocation. This is not common and we do our best to make this not occur.

As listed in our store policies, there are NO returns on items.

We strive our best to offer the best pre order prices and selection for our customers. We appreciate the business, and if you have any question please feel free to email:

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